Smart Connect Multiloop Demo Case


The dual purpose Demo Case is designed to be used as a fully working training case and a portable demonstration case.

The case is extremely tough and durable and comes ready to use, perfect for company personnnel to be fully trained by on by one of our certified training instructors.
With the Demo Case you can also take the sophisticated Smart Connect system to your customers easily and efficiently.
The great thing about the case is the main panel is laid out exactly as you would expect to see it inside the SMART10/64 Smart Connect Multiloop 10 Expansion Port with Zonal LED Control Panel.
Multiloop Demo Case contents

- 1 x SMART10/64
- 2 x SCM-LCM
- 1 x SCM-ACM
- 1 x SCM-NM
- 1 x SCM-ZMM
- 1 x SCM-RM
- 1 x ZAI-MI
- 1 x ZAIO-MI
- 2 x MKII-AOP
- 1 x MKII-AHR
- 1 x MKII-AOH
- 1 x ZT-CP4/AD

Quatro Graphic Alarm Manager

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SCM-DEMO Smart Connect Multiloop Demo Case



Assessed to ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate Number 330 DBI BSI Intertek VdS